Office Chairs

Purchasing The Right Office Chairs For Comfort

Choosing the right ergonomic office chairs is an important decision. Knowing about ergonomics, posture and comfort will help you make an informed decision while choosing the right office chairs. The correct type of office chairs makes all the difference between coming back energized from a full day's work and coming back exhausted from sitting all day on ill-suited office chairs. For employers, ensuring the comfort of their employees will enhance their productivity. A comfortable employee will work longer and harder than one who is continually in pain or discomfort due to shoddy office furniture.

Whether you work from home or travel to work every day, most of your working day is spent sitting. Ergonomic office chairs help maintain proper posture and support to your lower back. Comfortable office chairs lead to hours of productive work as opposed to hours of squirming in a chair that constantly gives you a backache. Good office chairs are essential for comfort and are an integral part of the workstations providing you support for your back, legs, buttocks and arms. Making sure the employee is comfortable during hours of work in one place will ensure they are that much more productive as well.

The perfect office chairs help reduce awkward postures that can lead to back and neck problems. They also reduce the pressure over the bones drastically; this in turn helps you from circulation restriction to bones and exertion that leads to strained muscles and tendons. Good office chairs must allow a variety of sitting positions, choose one that is adjustable to custom fits and provide sufficient support for different sitting postures. Also, since office chairs may be used by more than one person in a day, adjustability for personal comfort is more relevant.

Unlike other pieces of furniture, office chairs unfortunately cannot be judged by their looks alone. Take out time to try and test office chairs you have liked for comfort. Try out different styles and options for one that gives you best support and is most comfortable. Besides comfort, check the backrest, armrest, seat and base of the chair for durability as well. In order to select the most suitable office chairs for your workplace, consider the following tips:

  • Adjust the chair at your workstation with your monitor, desk and keyboard. It must fit in the context of your workplace.

  • The backrest of the office chairs must provide enough support to your lumbar region and it must correspond to the natural curvature of your spine. If it does not already, then the chair must have the option to adjust to your spinal curve.

  • Be sure that the seat of the office chairs are comfortable and allow your feet to relax flat on the floor or the footrest while your thighs remain parallel to each other.

  • The armrests must be soft and comfortable without pushing your shoulders to your ears! Your shoulders must be allowed to fully relax while the elbows stay close to your body.

  • The office chairs must have five-pronged bases with rollers that allow them to be moved in any direction easily.

When you have finally purchased the right office chairs for your workplace, how do you fix all the buttons for maximum comfort?

  • Back angle - adjusts forward and rearward and allow most office chairs to lock in numerous positions.

  • Back height - adjusts up and down and again has various locking positions.

  • Seat height - can be increased or decreased using a pneumatic or manual adjustment.

  • Seat angle - uses a single lever to adjust separately from the backrest.

  • Seat depth - adjust the backrest to and fro for additional seat depth.

  • Forward tilt - available to be locked at will; a forward tilt in office chairs can provide a 6-degree forward tilt to the seat.

  • Multi-tilt - available for the most comfortable lockable positions, a multi-tilt option on your office chairs allows seat and back tilt simultaneously at the same ratio.

Using the proper office chairs and knowing how to adjust them properly is extremely important when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of employees. When you have the proper equipment and employees are comfortable, they will work harder for you. Productivity will increase and absenteeism will decrease.